Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Floral, Pastels & PVC | Outfit

Today I was looking through the Miss Selfridge Website, and came across a top that I completely and utterly fell in love with, I sat there thinking of things that I could pair this item with, so I thought what more perfect timing than this to put together an outfit with some items I think look lovely together!

90s Floral Crop | Miss Selfridge | £12
Nagsia PVC Mini Skirt | Missguided | £17.99
Light Purple T-Bar Platform Sandals | River Island | £55
Megan Painted Clutch Bag | Missguided | £14.99
Aldo Frirella Tough Pretty Necklace | ASOS | £25

The item I fell in Love with on Miss Selfridge was, of course, the beautiful 90s Floral Crop; definitely my new favourite style of crop top... and the colour in the flowers on this was are absolutely beautiful, I love the different mixes of purple and blue! The great thing was, as well, is that the top would pair nicely with any of the many shades of purple and blue in the top. 

I felt that because the top is quite loud, it would pair with items nicely that are the opposite, little or no pattern, plain and simple! The first thing I paired the top with was the PVC Blue Skirt from Missguided, which I really adore, I thought, as I am going for something very simple, I didn't want the look to be completely boring with the plain items I was going to be using, so I thought I would keep the outfit nice and interesting with quite a daring fabric, PVC is really starting to come in and become much more popular, and I think pastel with PVC makes for a really nice combination. I thought I would use baby blue so that I could bring out more of the blue from the top, as the majority of the shades are purple. I carried on the PVC look with a Lilac clutch from Missguided, again very simple but matching the fabric with the skirt and matching with some of the purple in the top. I then added a pair of killer heels, adding some diversity to the look with a matte texture, the complete opposite of the very shiny pvc, the heels are another different shade of purple. Finally, I added a statement necklace, keeping with the floral theme and adding something else to go with the top that quite literally, makes a statement!

Overall I love this look, very feminine and it is really suited for Spring / Summer this year, and would be great as a night outfit, or a day outfit paired with some nice flats! 

I hope your loving this look as much as I am!
Hopefully I will get to wear it and write a post showing me wearing this perfect outfit!
I wish!
Goodnight & Sweet Dreams xo

ASOS | Mix Up Look Sharp | Swimwear

Today I was I was scrolling through Instagram and I cam across a post by @Asos_Swim about their new Mix-Up Look Sharp feature for their swimwear on their ASOS website; A feature where you can slide through the optional bikini tops and bottoms and mix and match for your ideal bikini combo! I thought this was just perfect for what I've been looking for. In June I am flying off to Fuerteventura (Thank God, A well overdue holiday!) and I was looking for a very simple white bikini, very plain and bandeau that will keep my tan lines to a minimal! I went onto the website and took a look and found it a really great feature for getting some nice, simple, mix and match bikini sets. 

The feature is really easy to use, with the photograph of the bikini top directly above the photograph of the bikini bottoms. and a left and ride arrow click scroll option to flip through the different bikini options. Next to the bikini top and bottom is the colour options for the various top and bottom halves of the various bikinis. The bikinis sets are very simple, However, there is a good variety of the main styles of bikini, such as bandeau, straps, cupped, triangle and a few others. Each bikini has a nice variation of different colour options and patterns, such as pink, green, white and a few others and plain, polka dot and stripes! - Stripes of which, I am obsessed with!

The Mix up Look Sharp feature is really great if you want a couple of different bikini looks without having to necessarily have to buy to whole bikini sets! You could be one top and two different bottoms and voila! - You have two looks! Have a look and a play around with all the different possibilities there are and make some beautiful bikini looks suited to you!
Here are some of my bikini looks that I loved!

Pink Polka Dot Cupped Top With Plain Pink Bottoms

Deep Coral Striped Cupped Top With High Wasited White Bottoms

Green Triangle Front Clip Top With Thick Banded Green And White Striped Bottoms

White Twisted Bandeau Top With White Tie Side Bottoms

Black And White Striped Cupped Top With Black High Waited Bottoms

White Cupped Top With Thick Banded Green And White Striped Bottoms

As you can see I really, really loved the cupped style! Which one will you love the most?
Have a look at the ASOS Mix Up Look Sharp Feature and mix your perfect match!

Have a lovely Wednesday! xo

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Hello Everyone! 
This, I am happy to say, is my first product review on my blog, and the product I am going to be reviewing is this Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I have had this product for a while now, probably about 4 Months and it is the primer that I use every. single. day. And by this you can probably tell that this is a good review! I bought this product in Boots at The Mall in Cribbs Causeway in Bristol. I had known about this product for quite a long time, as I had seen quite a few Beauty Gurus talk about it, however, I was under the impression that Smashbox was only online and only in America, however, a new stool had just opened in Boots in Bristol and I was so happy I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! So this is why I am super excited to tell you about this Primer sent from heaven.

Firstly, I might as well get out the way the only thing that might be seen as a negative with this primer... the Price! I purchased this primer for £25. The second most expensive primer I have ever purchased; second to the Mac Prep & Prime Brightening Serum for £30. £25 However is still a fairly expensive product for 30ml/1fl. oz. of product. Needless to say - although this is quite a big price tag for an average amount of product, it really becomes irrelevant, and that brings me onto the second thing to talk about...

The price of this product for the amount is definitely worth it when you use this product and see how a little amount goes a long way. I'm not sure if this may be different if you apply your primer with your hands, However, I apply my primer with the same brush I apply my foundation with, the 187 Duo Fibre brush from Mac and this primer goes a really long way when I apply it with this brush; I literally have to use an amount smaller than a pea spread evenly over my brush hairs and this covers my entire face and little bit of my neck if i need it: Meaning that although there is a small amount in there, you will be using a lot less and it will last a very long time!

As well as this, I found that when applying this makeup this primer then improved the coverage of my concealer and foundation. I would let the primer dry for a very short amount of time, maybe just less than a minute, and then apply my concealer, and it allows the concealer on my brush to spread a lot more around where i am applying before having to put more concealer on my brush; I have to put my concealer in my brush a lot less! The primer makes the face very smooth and bases the face with the perfect amount of softness for the concealer to glide nicely over the face. I use the Studio finish SPF 35 concealer by Mac on a normal day and when it is quite cold, the concealer tends to go very hard, even though it is already a compacts concealer rather than a liquid concealer, when this happens it doesn't apply evenly onto my concealer brush and I am using a lot more product and constantly going back to my concealer to apply more, However, the Smashbox primer, reduces this by a huge amount and almost restores the concealer back to being a lot softer and spreading more over the face. This also applies to my foundation, it really helped the brush glide over my face.

My ultimate favourite thing about this product is how unbelievably soft it is - When I first applied this product with my brush, I truly thought that it wasn't being applied to my face and I was left confused thinking... Why does this keep disappearing!?? However, then I looked and applied a small amount with my hands, and realised it was going on, but the product was so smooth and feathery that I could feel it! It literally felt like applying feathery air to my face! It was very light and weightless on the face and felt just perfect. I then felt my face with my hand and my face felt softer than a babies bum, I have never felt my skin so smooth before.

When i first applied the primer, I looked at my face before even applying foundation, and even though the Primer is a clear product, my skin actually looked slightly airbrushed in my opinion, the red areas on my skin and any variation in colour of the skin on my famous almost looked as if it had blended in and evened out slightly on my face. The product also really worked for me with shine control, I have a very shiny nose, chin and T-zone and the product seemed to give a mattified effect to my skin, where the shine was very much reduced - which is a big bonus for my because I am always whining about my shine nose!

Then I applied my foundation and was I amazed! The primer allowed my foundation on my brush to just glide over my face, and the foundation was completely consistent over my face... no gaps on bits I may have only brushed over slightly or gaps on particularly dry areas, and no inconsistency of the coverage of my foundation: And because of this, my skin looked airbrushed, the foundation was even all over the face, even when I looked closely through my magnified mirror, almost as if my foundation was my actual natural skin! Usually I would have applied two layers of my foundation, However, in this case, I only needed to apply one. I did definitely feel photo ready and felt like my underlying not perfect skin was flawless.

I do really recommend that you try this product, However, as mentioned above it is quite pricey, in Boots i know that they do have a travel sized one available for £12.50, which has 12ml / 0.4fl. oz.
which is a lot more affordable and great if you just want to give it try. As well as this, there is a box available by Smashbox, called the Try It Kit which is tester sizes of all of there top selling products, I purchased this when I bought this primer, also from Boots, for £19. It comes with 7.1ml / 0.25fl. oz. of the Smashbox Primer, and it also comes with a tester sized Photo Finish Lid Primer, Full Exposure Mascara, Limitless Eye Liner in Onyx, Lip Enhancing Gloss in Illume. (Amounts below)

  • Photo Finish Foundation Primer - 0.25 fl. oz. / 7.1ml
  • Photo Finish Lid Primer - 0.02 fl. oz. / 0.5ml
  • Full Exposure Mascara - 0.13 fl. oz. / 4.0ml
  • Limitless Eyeliner in Onyx - 0.03 oz. / 0.8g
  • Lip Enhancing Gloss in Illume - 0.14 fl. oz. / 4.2ml
This is a really great kit if you're interested in just trying out Smashbox as a band, and want to explore there various products and see how you are with them, without having to spend lots of money on all of the full sized versions of their products!

I hope you enjoyed this review, if there's anything I missed out that you want to know about the primer, just ask. Have a lovely Tuesday! xo

Friday, 23 May 2014

Shady Lust List - 5 Fave Summer Shades

I don't know about you guys, but this Summer I am obsessed with Sunnies, every time I step out to goto the shops I find myself picking up a pair, whether I'm picking up some from Primark for £2; because they're so cheap I just have to, or whether I splashed out £40 for a pair from House of Frasier.(Well, I don't know about you, but I think £40 is a lot for a pair of Shades!)
I usually have to actually goto the shops to buy a pair, rather than buy online, because most Sunglasses are way to big for my tiny head! - However, here are 5 Shades that I've found online and am lusting after this Summer!

1. PepperMayo is another site I came across recently, It's another Australian website that stocks lots of the brands I love, a long with this, they are another place that sells really nice Sunnies. These bug-eye glasses (as I call them) are a favourite style of mine; these glasses particular are very simple, very black and white, however, the frame seems to have a slight pale pink tinge to it, which is what I really loved about them; this summer I am really loving the very pale pastels and this pale pink colour is very girly and tends to suit me and go well with my usually pale skin! They would go really nicely with an oversized black hat and a pastel coloured outfit.

2.  These Sunglasses are definitely my favourite out of the lot - Floral sunglasses are really in this Summer, Sunglasses with these small 3d flowers on are absolutely everywhere; goto any shop and I'm quite sure you'll find a pair! I first seen these Sunglasses from Nasty Gal on a photograph off of Instagram... A photograph of Kendall Jenner, at the Coachella Festival, wearing Sunglasses that either are these exact shades or look very much alike, identical in fact.

I looked around to find out If they were the very same, but didn't manage to. Either way, The moment that I seen this Photo, I fell in love. I love how the pastel blue roses run all the way across the top and down the sides, And how the flower is consistent throughout the shades but they have a range of different sizes to mix it up.

3. Well, Well, Well... What can I say about Quay? Quay is a brand I discovered recently while browsing through the Nasty Gal shop (Which is do, a lot!) A lot of the sunglasses that Nasty Gal stock are by Quay; there shades are very clean cut, by which I mean, nice smooth edges, pretty black and white, figuratively speaking, and not too fussy and complicated; I think they have quite a futuristic feel to a lot of them. Regardless, I am really loving them. However, these Quay sunglasses in particular? Firstly I was drawn into them because they were a nice pair of sunnies, of which I know the style fits my face shape, but then alongside that they were reduced from £23.70 to £9.48! I thought this was good, and then when I find out that currently, all sale items are 50% off at checkout!?!?! I thought Bargain and my eye zoomed on in; £4.24 for a pair of these Sunglasses, in fact I think that's a pretty good deal for any sunglasses at all! They'll be going fast though, Grab them quick!

4. Usually, I tend not to go near Net-A-Porter, because I know I'll just get upset knowing that I can look but I cannot have, with some of the designer stuff they stock hitting thousands. However, today I thought i'd have a little look; and I came across these Sunnies. £40, still on the upper end of what I like to pay, However, I really adore these ones, I'm a complete sucker for things that look like confetti, and I thought the gold Polka-Dot confetti with the clear frame with gold tint when nicely together. Will possibly be purchasing when I feel like reaching into my pocket!

5. Last but not least, This Kitty shades are definitely up there with the Kendall Sunnies; Again from Nasty Gal :'), Sorry! Cat Eye Shades are another style that is really in this summer, although I feel that for my small head, and in fact for even normal sized heads ;) Some of them are a bit too much, the point darting off way up and beyond your face! These, However, i thought had a nice amount of Cat-like flick and size and along with that, the beautiful Matte black frame is an extra added bonus!

These are the shades I'm really loving, so what style of shades are your favourite?
Thanks for a reading and have a lovely evening! xo

My First Post!

Hey Lovely People, I'm Kayley! :)

Today I am writing my first ever blog post for Blouse and Brows! - A Fashion and Beauty blog which is a space dedicated to sharing the products I am loving and think you should be loving too! 
Have a lovely day. 

Here goes...

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