Friday, 17 October 2014

Freaky Fashion | Halloween Edit

 It's been a long time since I've posted, but iim now determined to get back into the flow of things! and i thought what better than to do a halloween edit. I have put together some of my fave halloween outfits, and I will be posting new edits every few days up until halloween! 

Halloween is always a difficult one! Now were all grown up we need to go for it! We also need to look stylish and look fierce but not look lame at the same time, which is sometimes pretty hard. Some of the top fashion labels have clearly looked into this and really know what we want and need and have been adding more and more halloween pieces each year! Which is just perfect!

So let's kick off with the first Halloween outfit, 'Witches be trippin'!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

I absoloutly love this outfit, and it is my all time favourite, which I will probably be wearing myself! My favourite item is the bodysuit, I think its so clever and cute how the straps make up the witch pentagon - it adds a really nice bit of detail to the outfit. The cat bag is pretty pricey at £45, but I chose this one because I thought the minimalistic look went best with the outfit - But if you tap in 'Cat bag' into Asos, they have tons to choose from, with a range of different prices. I thought the boots were a great touch, add a bit of fierceness to the outfit, this style of heel have been really in style recently, so it's great if you already have a pair, as petty much any will go with this outfit! And if not, you get to buy a beautiful new pair of shoes that you can wear again and again - just like the rest of this outfit - it's probably my fave thing about making your own outfit using the items from fashion brands rather than going to the fancy dress shop, because you don't have to wear these items just once! You can pair them with so many other outfits all through the year. Apart the little witches hat ofc, unless you really want to ;).

Happy Friday & Happy Halloween lovelies xox 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hawaiian Heel Crush | Sale Purchase

Hello Lovely People!
These are my absolutely perfect Hawaiian Crush Heels that I have recently purchased. I have wanted these for such a long time, but didn't have the spare £55, pay day came, I wondered into River Island to buy, and boom - One pair of size 3 heels left in the sale, £25!!! Absolute bargain. I screamed out 'YES' when I seen them and found many people laughing at my expense at my sheer excitement over a pair of heels -.- ! I know Summer is nearly over now, but there is still a bit of sun peering through, and I have managed to get a nice bit of where out of them. They brighten up any outfit, they're a beautiful orange / pinky coral colour, with some slightly illuminated green leaves with pops of blue flower! they look great with a casual pair of jeans and a colour matching top, or in a beautiful dress or playsuit for the night time, I feel they look far better with a more plain outfit, and then some matching jewellery as they really make a statement on their own!

Unfortunately they were in the River Island Sale, so they're no longer on the website, but they are just another coloured version of the very popular Peep Toe Platform Sandals which are available right now in Pale Pink, Sky Blue, White, Grey & Black at the moment, just in case you particularly like the style of shoe! Or you could try and hunt for these Orange Floral Peep Toe Platforms on Depop or Ebay.

Have a happy Thursday,

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

How To | Grow your hair up to 3 inches in 1 week

Hey Guys,

Firstly, A Sorry in advance for the Maximum Essay with Minimum Pictures!

Today I thought I would do a post about Hair Growth, The length of my hair is something I have been obsessing over since I was in year 9 in school, As long as possible has been my aim. However, In school, we never listen to the good advise we are given and always think we know best, so I went against every good tip to grow my hair and keep in good condition and went it lone soldier! And of course, all the way through school, up until 2 years ago when I was just turning 17 My hair didn't grow whatsoever! So, When I was 17 I went for the Frankie Sandford look, cut all my hair off, and shaved on one side, and decided to look after my hair from there on out. I don't reccommend just cutting it all off, but for me, this was good and a clean streak, I cut off all the dead hair with split end and allows new, soft hair to begin it's life :P And now, 1 and half years later, after doing all the below, my hair is just on the underwire line of my bra!

This post is to tell you about the tips I have used to grow my hair, up to now, to achieve maximum growth, including one method which can help your hair grow from 1 inches to 4 in just one week! Just a little disclaimer before hand, this is a method that has worked for me (and many other people online) but it may not work for you, depending on your and your hair type!
This method is at the very bottom, don't worry! ;)

1) Washing Your Hair

The first thing is about washing your hair and how many times you do so, many people seem to think that by shampooing your hair every day or even two times a day and keeping it ridiculously clean and conditioning every day to keep it extra soft is the solution to growing your hair long. This is not the case I believe, yes your hair is clean, and soft, but just like your skin your hair needs to breath. 

I wash my hair every 3 days, unless I am going somewhere special and am in desperate need of de-greasing. 3 days may be too long for you, so you could start off by trying every two days and seeing how you get on! Your probably all thinking, but my hair will get really greasy and gross... yes, it most probably will, but this is actually good for you hair! Greasy hair is simply the natural oils in your hair coming out, your hair needs these natural oils, but to an extent, too much isn't good either. So basically, I would recommend not washing your hair more than 3 times a week! If you feel you really need to de grease, try rinsing your hair, rather than doing the full shabang and washing and conditioning.

So, Washing every day is bad for your hair (LET IT BREATH!), Wash your hair every every 2-3 days, Trying not to wash it more than 3 times a week, Hair Grease = Natural Hair Oils = Good for your hair... but not too much! 

2) Shampoo & Conditioners

There are 2 Shampoo & Conditioners that I would recommend and that I use every time I was my hair, alternating between them! The first is The Original, Mane n' Tail Shampoo & Condtioner: These products are actually Horse Shampoo & Conditioner, But have become very popular for the use of girls wanting to grow their hair long, This stuff is a god send! It is very rich, and makes your hair very very soft and feel well-moisturised. You use as normal shampoo and conditioner on a normal day, however, I don't use it if I am going somewhere just after, where I want to style my hair, your hair becomes so soft, shiny and smooth, that my hair would refuse to backcomb or stay in any form of style, it would just almost immediately drop! Since using this stuff I have noticed a dramatic change in the condition of my hair, so healthy, looking and feeling and just in general, and therefore healthier hair means more hair growth! 

The next I use is FAST Shampoo, it pretty much says it in the name, it is a shampoo and conditioner for making your hair grow 'Maximum Length in Minimum Time', the slogan pretty much sold it for me, but of course, I looked at many reviews before I bought, and most.. nearly all, were good! FAST Is used just like normal Shampoo and Conditioner, However, you leave them on longer on your hair, to allow the FAST product to do it's magic. I use this shampoo and conditioner less that Mane n' Tail, as I really don't feel it smells nice, and by using it too much, although my hair growth sped up raipidly (Crazy fast) it left my hair quite dry, which is why I don't use this product all the time; sometimes I will even just put the product on my roots to avoid any potential drying of my ends, which are quite fragile anyway! 

Both I would highly reccomend, however, they are quite very different price ranges, You can buy the Mane n' Tail from ebay, with the link I provided, for £6.49 for 12oz bottles of both the Shampoo and the Conditoner, and the FAST product is around £22.50 for 360ml (12.6oz) bottles of both the Shampoo and Conditioner.

3) Deep Mask

Once a week, on one of your hair washing days, try to apply a Deep hair mask onto your hair. Hair Masks are basically a really deep and intense conditioner, which you apply after you have used your normal conditioner. These are very good for your hair, and always keep my hair looking nice and shiny, as long as you keep up with using it once a week. Hair Masks are available everywhere, in anywhere like Boots, any hair Salon, or of course, online, And most of them will do their job, However, ones I have fell particularly in love with, are ANY Aussie Mask, (they have a few and are available at boots!) but they are all so good, keep your hair really soft and the best thing about them... the smell, oh my god... it is so damn beautiful. All of their products smell incredible and most of you will probably already know as they are a very popular brand! Another, more pricey one, is the Moroccan Oil Restorative hair mask, It's a little more pricey, at around £31.00, but it is just incredible, very good quality, smells great and leaves your hair looking great, I was recommended this by my hair dresser, and I am an avid user of the brands Moroccan Hair Oil any way, so I thought that It must be good, and of course, it was!

4) Heat 

Applying a lot of heat to your hair, as you know, is one of the main things that damages it. Curlers, Straighteners, Hair Dryers and Even Really Hot Water! Try to minimize using heat products as much as possible, I have literally gone 2 years having horrible hair, shoving it up in a loose ponytail, looking gross and very unglamorous to achieve the hair growth I have, but you don't have to go quite to that extent. 

If your not going out or seeing anyone you particularly want to impress, don't do anything to your hair! If this is the case with me, I don't even blow dry my hair, I towel dry it and shove it up in a wet bun with some leave in conditioner and Moroccan Oil! If you don't want to walk around with wet hair, Blow dry your hair on the medium speed and on a cold heat. Trying not to constantly brush your hair as your doing it, use your fingers, or go through your hair once at the beginning with a tangle teaser or paddle brush and just use the hair dryer. And then of course, don't straighten it or curl it, shove it up in a messy bun or high pony! 

If you are going out, repeat the Hair drying process above, it's always best! but try and do a style that doesn't involve much heat styling products, or any at all! If you do it right, messy bed hair, messy buns, sleek back ponies and smooth little top knots can actually look really great! I looked through endless Youtube tutorials, and eventually found various ways and styles I could use, that look great but involved no or minimal heat styling products!

So, Blow Dry on SLOW and COLD Heat, and Minimal Heat Styling Products. Or Keep Wet and put it off your face if your not going anywhere! and Go for styles that involve no or little styling at all!

5) Brushing & Cutting

Like I used to, many of you may think that brushing your hair constantly is good, for removing the tangles and making it look nice and smooth. But it circanly is not! I used to brush my hair ALL the time, the moment I had any sign of my hair being out of place or starting to clump into bigger sections, I would Brush Brush Brush. But by doing this, every time you brush your hair through, your splitting the hair, and creating more split end, almost like ripping it apart when you brush through the tangles and knots. As well as this, each time your brush through, all of the tiny split ends of hair on each strand are falling off, causing your hair to become, and look thinner and thinner the more you brush it. And of the course, the solution to long hair, is the root (not the ends)  keeping the ends nice, and avoiding split ends, will mean your hair will look thicker and fuller from root to tip, giving the look of thicker, richer and more beautiful hair. This is why people say to trim your ends regularly... This doesn't help your hair grow per say, it simply keeps it looking neater, thicker and in good nick! So don't go cutting your ends once a month, I haven't trimmed my hair since I cut it all off, (which I don't nessesarily recommend either, bit naughty ;P) But maybe get your hair trimmed every 3-4 months.

6) Finally | The Inversion Method!

This is a method, that I have used myself and have researched into, and it seems has worked for many many people! It's a method that quite frankly seems mad, and seems like a load of rubbish, but from personal experience, it worked for me. I cannot guarantee it will work for you, but It definitely worked for me, and what seems to be, many other girls. I have done this once a month, for 2 months now, and each time my hair has grown 2 inches! Apparently, you can't use this method every week, as your body will get used it, and begin to adapt and no longer work to the full extent! But anyways, here we go!

  • The inversion method involves, tipping your head upside down for 4-5 minutes, whilst massaging warm oil into your scalp for that time period. (I know -.-)
  • Start by warming Olive oil, or any Hair oil, in the microwave, Put a generous amount in a microwavable bowl, and heat for 30 seconds, feel the oil, and repeat until the oil is at the nice more than warm temperature. You can heat the oil more or less depending on your preference and how much you feel your scalp can take comfortably.
  • Brush your hair through with a tangle teaser, and sit on a sofa or the side of the bed. Bed your head down so that your facing the floor. Take your oil and with your fingers, put through the hair from root to tip (not too much and only briefly)
  • Next put more oil on your finger tips and massage the warm oil into your scalp covering your whole head. When their is no more oil on your finger tips, dip in, and apply more. After the 4-5 minutes are up, come up slowly, as otherwise you will feel dizzy and lightheaded (which is why you do it for no more and no less than this time limit)
  • The massaging of the scalp and tipping your head upside down caused the blood to flow to your scalp and got the blood to flow evenly around your head. (Apparently this is needed for good hair growth - I didn't question it, I just kinda did it :P )
  • Next, brush your hair through once, and put your hair in a tight pony tail, and leave on for 1 hour, This doesn't really matter, but if I have no immidiate plans, I do this at night, and leave it in over night, and then wash out with luke warm water in the shower, or sink in the morning.
  • Do this every day for 7 days (measuring your hair before the 7 days and after) and see if it worked for you, and if so, how many inches your hair grew!)
  • Finally, do not simultaneously do this every week, do it once a month or every 2 months!
If this didn't work for you, then I'm sorry that your time was waisted, as it may not work for everyone! But I can only go off my own experience. If it did work, then great!

I hope these tips helped with your path to Long and Luxurious Locks!
Have a lovely day xoxo

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

New Family Member | Meet Phoebe

Hello Lovely People!
Basically, I haven't done a blog post for a while, and for a very good reason. There has recently been a new member to my family, I bought myself a gorgeous Pomeranian puppy; I have wanted one for so long, and finally saved and saved and now I have one, and have named her Phoebe. :)
She is absolutely adorable, but a right mischievous little girl (extremely naughty), So I have been dedicating all of my time trying to train this 8 week old nightmare! :o She can be sweet, and has a very interesting personality, and of course, she's so beautiful and melts everyones hearts! 

When I bought her, just a week ago, she was cream and white (Like I had always wanted) But already, she is ginger and will probably be bright red! Slightly disappointing, but then you realise none of it matters because I have a wonderful little puppy, filled with character, who will be in my life for possibly 16 years!

Have a lovely day! 

Monday, 21 July 2014

Holiday Style Diary | Outfit 1

White High Neck Crop | Topshop | £10 | Similar Here
White & Denim Inside Mini Skirt | Topshop | £28 |

Hello Lovely People,

I think it's about time I share some of my Holiday outfits on here, I went to Fuerteventura in June with my Boyfriend, Mum & Auntie, and had an amazing time, apart from the ridiculous amounts of wind (The wind being the reason I chose not to dress up most nights, because the moment I stepped out the door, it ruined my hair and blew up my dress / skirt all over the show anyway! So this was my first night outfit of the Holiday, I went for a very simple outfit, A high neck white crop top from Topshop, paired with a white and blue denim inside skirt from Topshop, Along with my River Island White Heels and Zara 'Stressed, But Well Dressed' Clutch (Which, can I say, I am so pleased to finally own!). I love the all white look but added the small pop of colour in the blue denim in the skirt to separate some of the pieces.

Much Love xox

Friday, 11 July 2014

Pineapple Paradise | Wishlist

Hello Lovelies,
At the moment, I am really loving Pineapple Print, it seems to be appearing just about everywhere now, and is perfect for the Summer, giving off that fun tropical vibe. So here's some of my favourite Pineapple print finds that I am absolutely loving.

All these Pineapple pieces are just Perfect, However, my absoloute fave is the bra and knicker set from Topshop, I know it wouldn't be shown off to the world but my god is it cute. Just too cute to give a miss!

Have a lovely day! xox

Monday, 7 July 2014

Makeup Haul | Mac, Benefit & Too Faced

Hello Lovely People,
As you can see, I went makeup shopping and kind of went a little mad, so I thought I'd share some of the amazing products I bought with you, first with an overview of everything and then in the upcoming days I'll review them individually. The Products I purchased are from Mac, Benefit, and Too Faced, all from Debenhams in Cabot Circus in Bristol. Mac is my typical goto Makeup store, Benefit next and then Too Faced is a product i have never tried before, although, I have heard great things and had heart palpitations when I saw the little Too Faced Stool, as I thought you could only get them online in the UK.

There were 3 items I knew I wanted to purchase from Too Faced that I had wanted for ages, The Sweetheart Perfect Flush Blush, The Brow Envy Kit and The Powder Pouf Brush (Which unfortunately I was unable to stretch my pay packet to :( ) The Blush, In colour "Something about Berry"just has the perfect blush colour pallet inside, with three really beautiful pink shades within. As for the Brow Envy Kit, I am a complete sucker for Brow Kits, I have so many it's shameful, and unneeded, However, this was an exception... another exception! ;) The kit is packed with everything you need, wax, powder, highlighter, 2 different brushes, tweezers, stencils and brow directions! Just amazing. 

As for Benefit, I use this brand a fair amount, I mean, what is there not to love, Flawless makeup, their funky retro design, colourful girly brand, and the cute slogans they put on their products that just make you smile! The first item I rushed to was the Gimme Brow - brow-volumizing Powder Gel. my eyebrows are almost non-existent when I apply my foundation, the colour seems to camouflage in with my makeup look, even though I'm a naturally dark haired brunette! So I usually apply a lot of eye brow makeup, and end up getting annoyed when it messes up when I'm in a rush! So this product, sticking my brow hairs in the perfect direction, giving them lift and a little colour is perfect for when I'm in a rush and want to wear minimal makeup. The Hoola Bronzer is just another product I have seen people going on about, so I thought I'd give it a try, a long with the They're real mascara. As for the Boi-ing Concealer, apparently, this is the Benefit Equivalent to the Mac Studio Finish Concealer, which is what I use, however, I felt it was time for a change to see if the Boi-ing could step up to the challenge of covering my freckles that come out in the sun, of which, actually, my Studio Finish hasn't been!

Then onto Mac, I got my usual, Mac Studio Fix Fluid, which I swear by like the rest of world :P I decided on purchasing another Mac 187 brush, which I use with my Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, as my other two have seen better days! And then I went a little Lipstick Crazy! I bought, the Retro Matte Relentlessly Red, The Matte Candy Yum-Yum and Amplified Creme Morange, They are all very loud and bright colours, of which, I love the names, The names describe and compliment the colour perfectly.

Hopefully in the next couple of days I will be reviewing some of the products and hope to love the ones I haven't tried as much as I think I will love them!

Have a great evening, Nighty night 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Mac Pigment | 15 Ways To Use

Hello Lovely People!
So it wasn't until recently that I purchased and used MAC Pigment for the first time, (I know, crazy), And when I purchased Mac Pigment I was under the impression that it was simply an eyeshadow, but I couldn't have been more wrong! I discovered that there are in fact 15 ways to use it after a little but of experimenting and searching the Internet.

Mac Pigment is very simply, a coloured loose powder. Which most people use as an eyeshadow, However, many of you may not know the many other uses it has, which is almost anything by the way! That's why I wanted to do this blog post to tell you about the many other uses for Pigment so that you can make the most of yours!

1) Eye Shadow

Firstly, Is the very simple way which most people use MAC Pigment for, which is just using the loose powder, as is, as an eyeshadow. It comes in a very wide selection of colours, and finishes, including matte, frost metal and pearl, of which are matte, sparkle and sheen finishes meaning it is perfect for using as an eyeshadow and making some very beautiful eye looks. To use in this way you would simply dab your choice of brush into your chosen pigment, shake to remove any excess unneeded amount of Pigment, as you don't need very much, and then apply to the eye, Depending on what brush you choose to use you could apply the Pigment in a very feathered way or very concentrated way.

2) Applied Wet For Metallic Eye Shadow

Another way to use Pigment is, again, as an eyeshadow, but more as a cream based eyeshadow, similar to the Mac Paint Pot. To do this, I would mix in some of the pigment with simple water or if you have it available, Mac Fix & Spray. Then, simply grab your desired brush and apply to the eye. You will notice that the colour from the Pigment with really pop and stand out and in fact some finer colours that you may not quite see when in powder form, really come out when you apply in creamy form.

3) Blush

Using Pigment as blush is another great way you can use this product, Here you would use the product, as is, like in one, but using your desired blush or large puffy powder brush, and apply to the cheeks, depending on your preference, you could use any colour from the options, you never know, you could be quite wild and daring and want blue blusher! But Peachy, Pinks, Oranges, Reds, Corals, and Possibly Purple colours are the best options to create a realistic looking blush. As mentioned before, you could go for a very matt blush or could go for a satin finish blush with a slight sheen, depending on the finish you choose from the colour options. Depending on how strong you want you blush to be, you only need to use a tiny amount of the Pigment here, it is very highly concentrated and a little bit goes a really long way!

4) Bronzer
Very much like above, use the pigment, as is, in the darker colours that resemble bronzer colours, such as Tan and Naked Deep Dark, and apply to the areas you want to be bronzed!

5) Eye liner

Again, the same as you would do with step 1) Mix the pigment with water or Mac Fix & Spray. Once you have mixed you would use a thin eyeliner brush and simply apply whatever colour you wish as an eyeliner. You could use a black and go for a typical eyeliner or you could use golds and bright neon colours for some really great editorial look thats really stand out!

6) Coloured Mascara

There are two ways you can do this, I discovered online, you can dip an empty disposable Mascara Wand into your Mix of Pigment and Water or Mac Fix & Spray and apply to the lashes as normal, or you can simply use a clear Mascara, dip into the powder of your choice and apply to the lashes.

7) Highlighter

One of my favourite ways to use pigment is as a highlighter, You could do this in two different ways. The first way is very simple, you would simply use a brush or your finger and apply the Pigment, as is, to the desired area you want to highlight, light colours are recommended of course and you are trying to brighten these areas, However, there are many different choices, the most popular, and the colour that I purchased, is in colour Vanilla, although there are many other white, cream and in fact gold colours for the perfect highlight. Another way is like in many of the steps above, mix your pigment in with water or Fix & Spray by MAC or possible with any face creams you have, or possible with a cream based highlighter you are already using if you wish, and apply to the face as a cream based highlighter. When I used pigments as a highlighter I highlight my tear duct, which is the skin right by the inside of your eye by your nose, my cupids bow, which is the area just above your lips, and then in the standard places, like my nose, my t-zone, the tops of my cheeks, and just under and above my eye brow.

8) Illuminator

This is very easy to do, mix the colour Pigment you would like to illuminate your skin, such as a simple highlighter colour such as pure white or Vanilla, or a colour you would like a tint of in the skin, such as any golds or pinks, in with your foundation when you go to put it on. When mixed well this will illuminate your skin nicely and give a nice highlight and hint of the pigment colour you mixed. Buying illuminators in shops can be quite expensive so this is a great use of the MAC Pigment.

9) Nail Varnish

This seems a little crazy, but yes, you can actually use MAC Pigment to create your own custom nail varnish colour, You simply mix in your pigment(s) in with a clear nail varnish, or a coloured nail varnish if you want to see what interesting outcomes you can make with different pigments and nail varnish colours, and then apply to the nail with your nail varnish brush, the colours, like when mixing the colours in the above options, really pop and are really vibrant.

10) Lipstick / Gloss

A lot of lipsticks that are long lasting or have really vibrant and pigmented colours tend to really dry out your lips, However, if you use MAC Pigment as a lipstick you can get a really vibrant pop of colour lipstick that is really soft on the lips, all you do, is mix in your pigment with a clear lipgloss or a lipbalm (if you want really soft lips), and apply to your lip with a lipstick brush or your finger. It create a really beautiful and bright lipstick, with a matte, sparkle or sheen effect depending on your choice of colour and finish!

11) Eye Brows

Here all you do, is choose a pigment colours that is 1-2 shades lighter than your natural hair coulour and apply directly to the eyebrows to fill them in, using an angled brush is best as these are easiest to use when filling in your brows, these angled brushes are what you will find most of the time in brow kits! Here you could mix your pigment for you brows in with a tiny bit of water oR Fix & Spray if you prefer to use a creamier type substance when filling in your brows to make them stay and wax them down, but it is completely up to you!

12) Body Shimmer

There are two ways to use this as a body shimmer, of which, I have tried and it works really well as! The easy way is to get a really big puffy powder brush, dab it ever so slightly into your chosen powder and sweep over the areas of your body that would naturally hit the light, such as your collar bone and shoulders. Depending on the look you want you could use golds, pinks or the selection of white based colours.

Another way, for a more subtle finish, is by mixing your Pigment into your Body lotion (Preferably not body butters or cream as they are difficult to blend), and then massaging your Body lotion and Pigment mix into the skin. This created for the perfect body shimmer that is really subtle and gives a lovely glow.

13) Body Contouring

Like above, if you want to contour areas of your body, use darker MAC Pigments in colours like gold and silver, and mix them in with your body lotion. Once you have done this, simply apply to the areas you want to contour (areas that are naturally shadowed) such as on the knees and up the sides of your legs, on your chest in your cleavage area, and under your collar bones, and it will make you look beautifully toned. You could apply this with a large flat foundation brush, your hands or in fact any brush you like that has quite a large surface area and is quite generally BIG, as you are applying to a much larger area unlike your face. You will get better coverage with a larger brush.

14) Hair

If you want a hint of pigment in your hair, whether it be for colour, sparkle, or highlight, all you have to do, is mix in your Pigment with the product you are using for your hair, whether it be Gel, Moose, Cream, Heat Protection cream or any other product, and then apply the product mix through your hair and then go about your normal hair routine like usual. And then voila! Depending on the product you are using and whether your product is used when you have damp or dry hair you will achieve different effects, and of course it depends on how much pigment you used! 

15) Custom Colours

One of the greatest things about pigments is that fact that you can mix 2 colours or even 3 or more and create your own personal colours! For example you could mix blue and green to create a lovely turquoise colour. You can mix your personal colours and then use them in any of the ways above!

So, I really hope that you, like me, can now make the most of your MAC Pigment!
Have a lovely day!

Monday, 9 June 2014

A Walk In The Park | OOTD

Today I went for a drive in my new car, and ended up at the woods, me and my boyfriend decided to go for a walk, so I thought I'd get him to snap a picture of my outfit for the day! I know I seem a little too dressed up for the woods and I have slightly inappropriate footwear for the muddy walkways but I was too excited to wear some of my latest purchases!

Floral Statement Necklace | Wallis @ Debenhams | £20.00
Blue Denim Skinny Jeans (Old) | Topshop | £40
White Sandles | Primark | £8.00

I bought some of these pieces recently, the crop jumper I particularly love, and bought to wear on the plane on my upcoming holiday. This crop top is part of a co-ord set and you can buy a midi knitted skirt to match, but I didn't need the other half on this occasion (unlike me!) My pink round sunglasses are also from missguided and they are my absolute fave, they are the prettiest colour of pink and have a really nice graduated lens that fades from black to clear. This beautiful floral statement necklace is from the Wallis section in Debenhams, the moment I saw it I fell in love, it's made up of lots of really pretty pastel colours and gems and makes any boring outfit look beautiful! The jeans from Topshop were bought quite a while back, I wear them often because they are just so soft, and the super tight fit clings perfectly onto my legs! Finally, my gorgeous new Primark sandals, these seem to be quite a popular little purchase amongst bloggers, they are just as stylish as any purchase similar from somewhere such as River Island or Topshop and are quite well made, and the best part.. only £8!! Quite a difference from the £40 they cost in some other shops!

Hope you loved my casual walk in the woods outfit as much as I love it and my new Missguided, Primark and Wallis purchases.

Lots of love xo

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Floral, Pastels & PVC | Outfit

Today I was looking through the Miss Selfridge Website, and came across a top that I completely and utterly fell in love with, I sat there thinking of things that I could pair this item with, so I thought what more perfect timing than this to put together an outfit with some items I think look lovely together!

90s Floral Crop | Miss Selfridge | £12
Nagsia PVC Mini Skirt | Missguided | £17.99
Light Purple T-Bar Platform Sandals | River Island | £55
Megan Painted Clutch Bag | Missguided | £14.99
Aldo Frirella Tough Pretty Necklace | ASOS | £25

The item I fell in Love with on Miss Selfridge was, of course, the beautiful 90s Floral Crop; definitely my new favourite style of crop top... and the colour in the flowers on this was are absolutely beautiful, I love the different mixes of purple and blue! The great thing was, as well, is that the top would pair nicely with any of the many shades of purple and blue in the top. 

I felt that because the top is quite loud, it would pair with items nicely that are the opposite, little or no pattern, plain and simple! The first thing I paired the top with was the PVC Blue Skirt from Missguided, which I really adore, I thought, as I am going for something very simple, I didn't want the look to be completely boring with the plain items I was going to be using, so I thought I would keep the outfit nice and interesting with quite a daring fabric, PVC is really starting to come in and become much more popular, and I think pastel with PVC makes for a really nice combination. I thought I would use baby blue so that I could bring out more of the blue from the top, as the majority of the shades are purple. I carried on the PVC look with a Lilac clutch from Missguided, again very simple but matching the fabric with the skirt and matching with some of the purple in the top. I then added a pair of killer heels, adding some diversity to the look with a matte texture, the complete opposite of the very shiny pvc, the heels are another different shade of purple. Finally, I added a statement necklace, keeping with the floral theme and adding something else to go with the top that quite literally, makes a statement!

Overall I love this look, very feminine and it is really suited for Spring / Summer this year, and would be great as a night outfit, or a day outfit paired with some nice flats! 

I hope your loving this look as much as I am!
Hopefully I will get to wear it and write a post showing me wearing this perfect outfit!
I wish!
Goodnight & Sweet Dreams xo

ASOS | Mix Up Look Sharp | Swimwear

Today I was I was scrolling through Instagram and I cam across a post by @Asos_Swim about their new Mix-Up Look Sharp feature for their swimwear on their ASOS website; A feature where you can slide through the optional bikini tops and bottoms and mix and match for your ideal bikini combo! I thought this was just perfect for what I've been looking for. In June I am flying off to Fuerteventura (Thank God, A well overdue holiday!) and I was looking for a very simple white bikini, very plain and bandeau that will keep my tan lines to a minimal! I went onto the website and took a look and found it a really great feature for getting some nice, simple, mix and match bikini sets. 

The feature is really easy to use, with the photograph of the bikini top directly above the photograph of the bikini bottoms. and a left and ride arrow click scroll option to flip through the different bikini options. Next to the bikini top and bottom is the colour options for the various top and bottom halves of the various bikinis. The bikinis sets are very simple, However, there is a good variety of the main styles of bikini, such as bandeau, straps, cupped, triangle and a few others. Each bikini has a nice variation of different colour options and patterns, such as pink, green, white and a few others and plain, polka dot and stripes! - Stripes of which, I am obsessed with!

The Mix up Look Sharp feature is really great if you want a couple of different bikini looks without having to necessarily have to buy to whole bikini sets! You could be one top and two different bottoms and voila! - You have two looks! Have a look and a play around with all the different possibilities there are and make some beautiful bikini looks suited to you!
Here are some of my bikini looks that I loved!

Pink Polka Dot Cupped Top With Plain Pink Bottoms

Deep Coral Striped Cupped Top With High Wasited White Bottoms

Green Triangle Front Clip Top With Thick Banded Green And White Striped Bottoms

White Twisted Bandeau Top With White Tie Side Bottoms

Black And White Striped Cupped Top With Black High Waited Bottoms

White Cupped Top With Thick Banded Green And White Striped Bottoms

As you can see I really, really loved the cupped style! Which one will you love the most?
Have a look at the ASOS Mix Up Look Sharp Feature and mix your perfect match!

Have a lovely Wednesday! xo

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