Wednesday, 28 May 2014

ASOS | Mix Up Look Sharp | Swimwear

Today I was I was scrolling through Instagram and I cam across a post by @Asos_Swim about their new Mix-Up Look Sharp feature for their swimwear on their ASOS website; A feature where you can slide through the optional bikini tops and bottoms and mix and match for your ideal bikini combo! I thought this was just perfect for what I've been looking for. In June I am flying off to Fuerteventura (Thank God, A well overdue holiday!) and I was looking for a very simple white bikini, very plain and bandeau that will keep my tan lines to a minimal! I went onto the website and took a look and found it a really great feature for getting some nice, simple, mix and match bikini sets. 

The feature is really easy to use, with the photograph of the bikini top directly above the photograph of the bikini bottoms. and a left and ride arrow click scroll option to flip through the different bikini options. Next to the bikini top and bottom is the colour options for the various top and bottom halves of the various bikinis. The bikinis sets are very simple, However, there is a good variety of the main styles of bikini, such as bandeau, straps, cupped, triangle and a few others. Each bikini has a nice variation of different colour options and patterns, such as pink, green, white and a few others and plain, polka dot and stripes! - Stripes of which, I am obsessed with!

The Mix up Look Sharp feature is really great if you want a couple of different bikini looks without having to necessarily have to buy to whole bikini sets! You could be one top and two different bottoms and voila! - You have two looks! Have a look and a play around with all the different possibilities there are and make some beautiful bikini looks suited to you!
Here are some of my bikini looks that I loved!

Pink Polka Dot Cupped Top With Plain Pink Bottoms

Deep Coral Striped Cupped Top With High Wasited White Bottoms

Green Triangle Front Clip Top With Thick Banded Green And White Striped Bottoms

White Twisted Bandeau Top With White Tie Side Bottoms

Black And White Striped Cupped Top With Black High Waited Bottoms

White Cupped Top With Thick Banded Green And White Striped Bottoms

As you can see I really, really loved the cupped style! Which one will you love the most?
Have a look at the ASOS Mix Up Look Sharp Feature and mix your perfect match!

Have a lovely Wednesday! xo

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