Friday, 23 May 2014

Shady Lust List - 5 Fave Summer Shades

I don't know about you guys, but this Summer I am obsessed with Sunnies, every time I step out to goto the shops I find myself picking up a pair, whether I'm picking up some from Primark for £2; because they're so cheap I just have to, or whether I splashed out £40 for a pair from House of Frasier.(Well, I don't know about you, but I think £40 is a lot for a pair of Shades!)
I usually have to actually goto the shops to buy a pair, rather than buy online, because most Sunglasses are way to big for my tiny head! - However, here are 5 Shades that I've found online and am lusting after this Summer!

1. PepperMayo is another site I came across recently, It's another Australian website that stocks lots of the brands I love, a long with this, they are another place that sells really nice Sunnies. These bug-eye glasses (as I call them) are a favourite style of mine; these glasses particular are very simple, very black and white, however, the frame seems to have a slight pale pink tinge to it, which is what I really loved about them; this summer I am really loving the very pale pastels and this pale pink colour is very girly and tends to suit me and go well with my usually pale skin! They would go really nicely with an oversized black hat and a pastel coloured outfit.

2.  These Sunglasses are definitely my favourite out of the lot - Floral sunglasses are really in this Summer, Sunglasses with these small 3d flowers on are absolutely everywhere; goto any shop and I'm quite sure you'll find a pair! I first seen these Sunglasses from Nasty Gal on a photograph off of Instagram... A photograph of Kendall Jenner, at the Coachella Festival, wearing Sunglasses that either are these exact shades or look very much alike, identical in fact.

I looked around to find out If they were the very same, but didn't manage to. Either way, The moment that I seen this Photo, I fell in love. I love how the pastel blue roses run all the way across the top and down the sides, And how the flower is consistent throughout the shades but they have a range of different sizes to mix it up.

3. Well, Well, Well... What can I say about Quay? Quay is a brand I discovered recently while browsing through the Nasty Gal shop (Which is do, a lot!) A lot of the sunglasses that Nasty Gal stock are by Quay; there shades are very clean cut, by which I mean, nice smooth edges, pretty black and white, figuratively speaking, and not too fussy and complicated; I think they have quite a futuristic feel to a lot of them. Regardless, I am really loving them. However, these Quay sunglasses in particular? Firstly I was drawn into them because they were a nice pair of sunnies, of which I know the style fits my face shape, but then alongside that they were reduced from £23.70 to £9.48! I thought this was good, and then when I find out that currently, all sale items are 50% off at checkout!?!?! I thought Bargain and my eye zoomed on in; £4.24 for a pair of these Sunglasses, in fact I think that's a pretty good deal for any sunglasses at all! They'll be going fast though, Grab them quick!

4. Usually, I tend not to go near Net-A-Porter, because I know I'll just get upset knowing that I can look but I cannot have, with some of the designer stuff they stock hitting thousands. However, today I thought i'd have a little look; and I came across these Sunnies. £40, still on the upper end of what I like to pay, However, I really adore these ones, I'm a complete sucker for things that look like confetti, and I thought the gold Polka-Dot confetti with the clear frame with gold tint when nicely together. Will possibly be purchasing when I feel like reaching into my pocket!

5. Last but not least, This Kitty shades are definitely up there with the Kendall Sunnies; Again from Nasty Gal :'), Sorry! Cat Eye Shades are another style that is really in this summer, although I feel that for my small head, and in fact for even normal sized heads ;) Some of them are a bit too much, the point darting off way up and beyond your face! These, However, i thought had a nice amount of Cat-like flick and size and along with that, the beautiful Matte black frame is an extra added bonus!

These are the shades I'm really loving, so what style of shades are your favourite?
Thanks for a reading and have a lovely evening! xo

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