Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Floral, Pastels & PVC | Outfit

Today I was looking through the Miss Selfridge Website, and came across a top that I completely and utterly fell in love with, I sat there thinking of things that I could pair this item with, so I thought what more perfect timing than this to put together an outfit with some items I think look lovely together!

90s Floral Crop | Miss Selfridge | £12
Nagsia PVC Mini Skirt | Missguided | £17.99
Light Purple T-Bar Platform Sandals | River Island | £55
Megan Painted Clutch Bag | Missguided | £14.99
Aldo Frirella Tough Pretty Necklace | ASOS | £25

The item I fell in Love with on Miss Selfridge was, of course, the beautiful 90s Floral Crop; definitely my new favourite style of crop top... and the colour in the flowers on this was are absolutely beautiful, I love the different mixes of purple and blue! The great thing was, as well, is that the top would pair nicely with any of the many shades of purple and blue in the top. 

I felt that because the top is quite loud, it would pair with items nicely that are the opposite, little or no pattern, plain and simple! The first thing I paired the top with was the PVC Blue Skirt from Missguided, which I really adore, I thought, as I am going for something very simple, I didn't want the look to be completely boring with the plain items I was going to be using, so I thought I would keep the outfit nice and interesting with quite a daring fabric, PVC is really starting to come in and become much more popular, and I think pastel with PVC makes for a really nice combination. I thought I would use baby blue so that I could bring out more of the blue from the top, as the majority of the shades are purple. I carried on the PVC look with a Lilac clutch from Missguided, again very simple but matching the fabric with the skirt and matching with some of the purple in the top. I then added a pair of killer heels, adding some diversity to the look with a matte texture, the complete opposite of the very shiny pvc, the heels are another different shade of purple. Finally, I added a statement necklace, keeping with the floral theme and adding something else to go with the top that quite literally, makes a statement!

Overall I love this look, very feminine and it is really suited for Spring / Summer this year, and would be great as a night outfit, or a day outfit paired with some nice flats! 

I hope your loving this look as much as I am!
Hopefully I will get to wear it and write a post showing me wearing this perfect outfit!
I wish!
Goodnight & Sweet Dreams xo

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