Friday, 11 July 2014

Pineapple Paradise | Wishlist

Hello Lovelies,
At the moment, I am really loving Pineapple Print, it seems to be appearing just about everywhere now, and is perfect for the Summer, giving off that fun tropical vibe. So here's some of my favourite Pineapple print finds that I am absolutely loving.

All these Pineapple pieces are just Perfect, However, my absoloute fave is the bra and knicker set from Topshop, I know it wouldn't be shown off to the world but my god is it cute. Just too cute to give a miss!

Have a lovely day! xox

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  1. Hi Kayley!
    I hope you're okay - i've nominated you for a Liebster Award, its just a little something to introduce your blog and find new ones, if you want to know more i've posted mine on

    Danielle x


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