Tuesday, 12 August 2014

New Family Member | Meet Phoebe

Hello Lovely People!
Basically, I haven't done a blog post for a while, and for a very good reason. There has recently been a new member to my family, I bought myself a gorgeous Pomeranian puppy; I have wanted one for so long, and finally saved and saved and now I have one, and have named her Phoebe. :)
She is absolutely adorable, but a right mischievous little girl (extremely naughty), So I have been dedicating all of my time trying to train this 8 week old nightmare! :o She can be sweet, and has a very interesting personality, and of course, she's so beautiful and melts everyones hearts! 

When I bought her, just a week ago, she was cream and white (Like I had always wanted) But already, she is ginger and will probably be bright red! Slightly disappointing, but then you realise none of it matters because I have a wonderful little puppy, filled with character, who will be in my life for possibly 16 years!

Have a lovely day! 

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